Recording Filming: just as easy as taking pictures

Ready-to-use equipment

Everything works together with the certified SmartJournalist equipment sets: smartphone, professional sound equipment, light via natural light spotlight, cable, batteries and ready-to-use accessories. This gives you production security. The recordings look good and the sound is clear – even in challenging conditions. This makes you extremely mobile: you can simply take a complete reporter set on the plane with you as your hand luggage, for example.


"and Action"

You can film with the app on your iPhone or iPad. All recordings are processed directly in the SmartJournalist production environment.

The recorded interviews, video statements, declarations, etc. are directly available for further processing and publication. The moving images in the film ensure that illustrative material is created that has a lasting effect.

Certified production equipment

Professional equipment for the highest level of production security: Handheld/plug-in microphone, transmission paths, natural light spotlights, tone mixers, tripods, grips etc.

Video production app

Complete video production on site: Recording, selfie videos, image and music cutting, graphics, adding sound, cutting and transmitting the film/project to other users etc.