Cutting 5 minutes away from a complete film

Professional cutting

You can cut the film directly in the app at the shooting location. The cutting module makes this task simple: Professional design options, e.g. transparent animations in name overlay; classic film cutting environment with timeline video tracks; innovative cloud functions to work on the film project with others.

Easy cut

The extensive automation in the working process can be found most significantly in the digital stage. The graphics packaging of your company (fonts, colours, boilerplates, openers etc.) are pre-installed in the film project. You can cut your video recordings to size in the media library. With just a few stages, you can add image and sound cutting in the timeline. Here, you have access to the prepared stock material of your company (recordings, music titles etc.). You can then add your speaker text directly to the film project with the voiceover module. Professional film cutting can be this easy.

100 % corporate identity

Automatic corporate design features including: fonts, graphics, animated name overlays, title/end credits, text tables, music, logos etc.