Company stock Shoot once, use forever

Video is added value

Video recordings are values which are created once and can be made available to everyone. In the SmartJournalist media library, you can organize your recordings simply and systematically.

For your films, you will need video recordings of your company again and again, for example, of buildings, people, processes or branded objects. Once they are stored in the library, the recordings do not need to be produced again. The SmartJournalist power search in the CloudStudio supplies live results and the clips are in your new film project with the click of a button. This saves time and money.

The advantages also apply for all other materials such as music, photos, images and graphics. With SmartJournalist, you can realise your film idea with very little time and effort, while keeping resources to a minimum.

Company media library

All media assets (video recordings, music, graphics, photos etc.) are directly available in the live power search, including import/export, media archiving and rights management.