This is how it works Turning ideas to film as quick as a flash


Business statements, editorial clips, corporate films: the app/cloud video production system is made for these formats. With SmartJournalist, you have a quick film crew in your hand. You start recording with the camera of an Apple device, the sound from a professional microphone and the light of a natural light spotlight.

Once the recordings are stored, you can cut directly in the app, add CI graphics and animations and add sound: intuitive and clear. This saves valuable time and ensures good quality.

Via the direct line to your cloud, you can supply the film with current company materials: graphics, music, overlays, brand logos and title/end credits.

Once your project is finished, you can upload the film to the cloud – for approval, publication and archiving. You can also finalise your film directly on the devices and store it in “photos”, for example.

Recording Filming: just as easy as taking pictures

Ready-to-use equipment

Everything works together with the certified SmartJournalist equipment sets: smartphone, professional sound equipment, light via natural light spotlight, cable, batteries and ready-to-use accessories. This gives you production security.

The recordings look good and the sound is clear – even in challenging conditions. This makes you extremely mobile: you can simply take a complete reporter set on the plane with you as your hand luggage, for example.

"and Action"

You can film with the app on your iPhone or iPad. All recordings are processed directly in the SmartJournalist production environment.

The recorded interviews, video statements, declarations, etc. are directly available for further processing and publication. The moving images in the film ensure that illustrative material is created that has a lasting effect.

Certified production equipment

Professional equipment for the highest level of production security: Handheld/plug-in microphone, transmission paths, natural light spotlights, tone mixers, tripods, grips etc.

Video production app

Complete video production on site: recording, selfie videos, image and music cutting, graphics, adding sound, cutting and transmitting the film/project to other users etc.

Cutting 5 minutes away from a complete film

Professional cutting

You can cut the film directly in the app at the shooting location. The cutting module makes this task simple: Professional design options, e.g. transparent animations in name overlay; classic film cutting environment with timeline video tracks; innovative cloud functions to work on the film project with others.

Easy cut

The extensive automation in the working process can be found most significantly in the digital stage. The graphics packaging of your company (fonts, colours, boilerplates, openers etc.) are pre-installed in the film project. You can cut your video recordings to size in the media library. With just a few stages, you can add image and sound cutting in the timeline. Here, you have access to the prepared stock material of your company (recordings, music titles etc.). You can then add your speaker text directly to the film project with the voiceover module. Professional film cutting can be this easy.

100 % corporate identity

Automatic corporate design features including: fonts, graphics, animated name overlays, title/end credits, text tables, music, logos etc.

Publication “Go” from CvD and go

Whether cut on the smartphone or produced in a team via the CloudStudio – once the film is complete, you can send it to your boss, client etc. for approval. In the approval module, amendment requests and comments can be noted at the desired point of the film. This gives you clarity in the correction phase and speeds up the process.

After approval, you can export and send your film directly from the app – as a download link in your SmartJournalist cloud or store it as a film clip in the photo app of your smartphone.

Cloud studio services

Film cutting in the cloud, online SRT subtitling for accessibility, approval and inspection module, video rendering, media library with live research, etc.

Company stock Shoot once, use forever

Video is added value

Video recordings are values which are created once and can be made available to everyone. In the SmartJournalist media library, you can organize your recordings simply and systematically.

For your films, you will need video recordings of your company again and again, for example, of buildings, people, processes or branded objects. Once they are stored in the library, the recordings do not need to be produced again. The SmartJournalist power search in the CloudStudio supplies live results and the clips are in your new film project with the click of a button. This saves time and money.

The advantages also apply for all other materials such as music, photos, images and graphics. With SmartJournalist, you can realise your film idea with very little time and effort, while keeping resources to a minimum.

Company media library

All media assets (video recordings, music, graphics, photos etc.) are directly available in the live power search, including import/export, media archiving and rights management.

Teamwork principle “networked film production”

You do not produce alone with SmartJournalist. You can share your film projects with colleagues and work on them together. In this way you can, for example, prepare a film in the office, while at the same time, colleagues shoot an interview for this film at a trade fair. You receive the clips via the SmartJournalist cloud where you can put together your film, even before your colleagues have left the fair.



Project Management is simple


A film consists of various elements. The most important are the video and audio recordings (music, voiceover speaker).

When producing a film, you collect the necessary elements, organize them and put them together to make a video clip. The “management framework” for your work on the film is called a project.

Total control

Your project is mobile: From your smartphone to the cloud, from your colleagues iPad to you in the office – this is really simple with the SmartJournalist video production. You can synchronise individual clips, whole projects or just the changed files of your film project. The intelligent matching of data gives you total control and saves data volume, time and money.





In the company Films quickly create advantages

Is your company looking back at a 100-year history of success without a video? Surely your company is as successful as it is today because you have a good company communication. And yet: The digital revolution is not going to stop for your company communication. While before, you probably mainly communicated with customers and partners via post, today we live in the age of digital communication, for example via video. This has really sped up the communication process.

And within your operation, in order for various divisions of your company to focus on one common goal, you must make a significant amount of effort to provide information and communicate. Because employees want to be informed extensively, comprehensively, honestly and regularly. This allows them to complete their tasks well and in a motivated manner.

In companies with thousands of employees and many hierarchy levels, information can easily get lost on the way from the executive board to the last link in the chain. Video bypasses these hierarchy levels.

Information from video is assigned a much higher level of credibility than information from text sources. Because video offers two crucial components which increase the interest of employees in the information across the board: Moving image and sound. Messages are perceptible and leave a “visible” impression.




SmartJournalist is the standard tool for video production within companies.  Using this, employees are able to create professional video clips for their company quickly and effectively.

Produce company-wide

Example - Deutsche Telekom: Already in 2016, the company recognized the great benefits that the production environment creates for internal and external communication. Internal product descriptions, how-to videos and project reports were made quickly, reliably and at low cost, as well as short-term necessary video statements, for example in external crisis communication.

Today, Deutsche Telekom uses SmartJournalist productions for the internal description of processes, up to material preparation for press and news agencies.

With SmartJournalist, the company has gained the direct ability to act in film communication.

Secure administration & support

Closed company system for user management, apps, budget management, competent support hotline, help videos, workshop and training options etc.



Economy 4.0 Digital: smarter, secure

Digitisation and broad automation of the video production process with SmartJournalist allows enterprises and medium-sized companies to keep apace with the high speed of modern digital communication. For this, SmartJournalist offers integrated solutions to systematically and extensively fulfil demands and framework conditions such as accessibility, EU data protection and legal duties of documentation.

Security made in Germany

Secrecy and security are the cornerstones of the SmartJournalist system: Servers in Germany, data secured cryptographically, extensive data protection and reliable confidentiality features.

Digitisation Now I can do more

Digital transition

Digitisation is changing the world at a drastic speed. As with the industrial revolution, we are facing radical changes and experience these each day – from smartphones to Bitcoin.

The digital revolution sheds traditional processes and creates new, more effective systems. SmartJournalist is such an innovative system of the digital transition.

Higher productivity

As a completely digital cloud platform, SmartJournalist carries conventional video production out of exclusive TV studios and into the contracting economy. Today, employees can use the SmartJournalist digital media management to create corporate videos directly with their CI graphics, music and video archive material. In this way, they can create high-quality films for social media, the press and the intranet or internet in a flash.

Traditional production processes with editing, film teams, cutting studios and the internal negotiations eat up time and money. The SmartJournalist production environment digitizes and automates these processes.